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Welcome to realitcheck

Nothing is better than filling out an About Me section. Right, Bumble?

What are we? Another tea company! Only we like to have a little fun when it comes to a daily reminder by putting special phrases on the tags. Sometimes we are a little less "You are the light" and a little more "what does that even mean?". We want to remind humanity to come back down to earth a little bit we made a tea.... its a special blend...

You're welcome.


It's grown in California, packaged in our Manhattan apartment, and shipped by our Mom's. It tastes super good, the box is recycled and has truthful insight on it.... plus the tags are probably funny. Enjoy! 


Chamomile tea

Sweet Dreams are Made From Teas. Cute right? If you have the Sunday Scaries... the world hitting you from all angles... well this tea wont help any of that, but it will help you relax and hopefully knock you out! Seriously though, we did a ton of research and tried a ton of different really bad tea leaves to find something that both worked and tasted great. Enjoy! 


Green tea

Wake Up and Smell the Posers. We get it, the festival was last night and there's no way you were missing that. Now it's time, however, to get up, head to the office, and deal with Abby (they're always named Abby aren't they). Or, maybe you want to prove to yourself you are finding a healthier alternative to coffee. Whatever the reason, this will help you get up and get going! 

subscription service

We know how much you enjoy tea so we have put together some amazing options to ensure you are never out of your favorite life-saving beverage. Choose from a variety of mixtures (I think we covered them all!), sit back and relax as your tea is hand delivered to your door. To be honest if you are still reading at this point I am impressed... I am just writing this so it stretches across the website and looks good aesthetically.)