Green Tea: Wake Up and Smell the Posers

Green Tea: Wake Up and Smell the Posers


Wake Up and Smell the Posers. Cute right?

You know those tea's that have those inspirational quotes on the tags? Well, we're the opposite. Our tags gives your "inspiration" in the form of a Reality Check:

"Don't Worry, Your SoulMate is Out There. They're Just Fucking Other People"

- 10 Per Bag - Each bag is individually sealed for easy transport and features a different "RealitCheck" saying. 

- Grown in California. Organic/USDA approved

- Specially crafted custom blend (people keep thinking this is standard tea so I'm adding this sentence). 

- Packaged in Manhattan in our Studio Apartments.

- Shipped via the Fedex across the street by our Moms. 

- Tastes Incredible - Millennial Tested and Approved... by our seven friends

Seriously though we did a ton of research and tried a ton of different really bad tea leaves to find something amazing. Enjoy!

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