our roots

Once upon a time there was a girl named Rachel (not Rachel Green, though she wishes) living the dream in NYC. She had a studio apartment, a fluffy white dog named Harper and a pension to perform when New York allowed her to. A few years back, Rachel, like many others, started to see the growing trend of showing one's "perfect" highlight reels of life on social media. Everyone looked perfect and Rachel started to feel.... not so perfect. 

When an ex, who shall not be named, posted a picture of a "positive" quote on a tea tag, Rachel had had enough and thought, "I want a tea company that tells you what you really need to hear.. like 'get a job'". 

One day in the hallway Rachel told her strapping neighbor Jason (who definitely didn't write this about himself) about this idea she had for truthful tea tags. Jason, being the genius that he is, helped bring this idea from a dream to a RealiT (...sorry. had to.). 

The pair set out to create a product that was raw, organic and REAL. We are genuinely two kids in our 20's putting together the boxes and running over to FEDEX across the street to deliver them to you! 

Enjoy and remember "being cool is an emotional straight jacket"- Brene Brown.