My Realitea Check

A few years back, when social media became the best way to show how "perfect" our lives are, Rachel began to grow increasingly tired of the facade. Instagram showed the highlight reels of peoples lives while the bloopers hit the cutting room floor. Daily reminders from tea became another way to show that life was all too peachy. Annoyed, Rachel thought, "I want a tea company that tells you what you really need to see/hear. Like, 'he's not texting you back'." And thus birthed MyRealitea. Through many years, trials and errors, and lots of tea, Rachel met Jason who had a knack for bringing great ideas to the next level. Come this July, 2017, MyRealitea is coming to a mug near you! Sip on some truth and get your daily does of reality. We all could stand to take ourselves a little less seriously ;). Your selfie is great, though.