Custom tags for your special day

 For those of you needing to do their own thing we would like to present:  

CUSTOM TAGS! Get a box of RealitCheck Tea with tags tailor made to your particular event. Let's pretend it's the family Thanksgiving event - you need to calm everyone down and want to slip some xanax into everyone's tea but how do you get everyone to drink?! Well, they will have to if you have gone out and gotten a tea tag printed with a funny saying related to them! It would be rude for them to refuse! But seriously, don't slip your relatives controlled substances it's not cool guys.  


Bridal Showers

The Maid of Honor made two separate google docs a year in advance just for the shower alone. Your task? Beverages. Why not customize your tea just to make Amanda's day extra special.. and remind her of that one time at the ADpi house. Rachel and the team (aka Jason) will customize the tags just for you. You will be the hero. Also you have permission to spike it. 


Family Gatherings

Nothing says family holidays quite like a passive aggressive "joke". Why not lighten the mood with some customized tea for all of the elephants in the room? Who knows, maybe you could even get grumpy Aunt Peggy to chuckle.





Do we have to put copy here Rachel? They get it right?